Monday, December 13, 2010

Introduction: Just saying hello! :)

Hello everyone! My name is Miky Chea and I play Super Street Fighter 4 competitively. I enjoy it and I want to take it to a completely new level (professionally speaking). I will share with you guys what I experience come tournaments and events. I'm not the best writer (sorry!), but I've been wanting to do this just for fun. The reason being is I want to look back and be able to appreciate what I've accomplished and hope to in the near future. Enough ranting I need to go back to studying (I have a final tomorrow...). See you guys soon!

P.S. I like how I'm posting as if I have readers. Hahaha


  1. whats good man? (don't know whether to call you blindjun or miky or whatever so i'll keep in informal) saw you play in peaceful jay's stream a while back and realized you had a very serious ryu. then watching wcw3 while hanging around pj's stream chat it was brought to my attention that you were samurai.

    i don't even really have anything to say just wanted to let you know that its pretty apparent you have what it takes to really do this. you impressed a lot of people in on and offline play so keep it up. i'm a nobody and really new to this scene but you do have a reader. enjoy youself and keep up the good work.


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  3. Wow I can't believe you found this shitty blog! Hahaha! Thank you so much. You may call me Miky by the way.

    I do take this very seriously and I enjoy it very much. I'm glad you see my objective perspectively speaking.

    Thanks again for being my first reader Eric! Stay with me please! :)

  4. miky i cannot even imagine what its like to go against the big names in this competitive fighting game shit (i just started scrubbin it up on xbox live) and in a few instances your play looked a little nervous as well (talkin goin for big damage srk fadc ultra and droppin it). you are a relatively a new name as far as national recognition goes ...

    BUT no one can argue with your results. be proud of that shit man. you are the guy the announcer says "knocked mike ross into losers @ _CR (i forget if it was n or s) every time you step up to play and you are now mke ross's demon in local tournament play. you are the relatively unknown (nationally) who is makin waves right now. you show many moments of brilliance in a game where every little bit of damage (chip or clean hit) matters and the way i see it that is the difference between the good and the great (lol take that with a grain of salt cus again who am i?).

  5. lol i've never really been a part of this whole blogging scene so feel free to ignore any individual comment i post ... just being honest

  6. Oh no don't worry at all. Thank you so much! Your comments make me feel like the amount of training I've done is paying off. Someone is able to appreciate the effort/work I've put into trying to become a stronger player.

    I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. I was nervous in that I wasn't afraid to win. I was afraid my irrational decisions to win would be my downfall. However, I was lucky I was able to control it in time for Top 16 (thanks to my buddies).