Monday, January 30, 2012

BrokenTier Sponsorship Application

BrokenTier is interested in opening up new divisions in the fighting game community by allowing players to apply, via an application, to their company. I went ahead and applied as well as made a copy of what I wrote to share with you guys.

Hit the jump to see what I wrote. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Questions from the Unknown Part 3: Ryu - Ending Your Combos

Unknown said...

When do you use,, instead of say,, cr.fp, XX wk.tatsu? Why? I understand that the 1st combo would keep them close and allow for mixup opportunity. Do you do that combo vs characters that you want to rush down? Do you do it vs characters without srk? Does it depend on the player and not the character? (IE it's a player that you think is good at being aggressive, so you use the wk tatsu to push them away)

There are a couple of reasons why I end my combo into a sweep, Tatsu, or DP.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Questions from the Unknown Part 3: Close Standing Roundhouse

Unknown said...

What benefit is there in using cl.HK? I saw Daigo using that in the past and I see laugh use it sometimes. I saw it vs Viper and someone else. Dont remember.

Considering old videos of Daigo playing Ryu, there are some reasons to why he (or other Ryu players) tend to use close standing round house in general.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Questions from the Unknown Part 2: Punishing Focus Attacks with Low Forward

Unknown said...

Also, do you always do XX wp.srk[light punch shoryuken] when u see focus? Is that safe if they backash? Are there characters with a quicker back[d]ash that can punish it?

Month of December: Statistics

This month has been another great month in terms of my blog. I've reached yet another successful month (at least for me).

Hit the jump to see the statistics and where they came from.

SCR 2011 - FGC_XsK_Samurai

For those of you who weren't able to catch the stream, I added a new tag (FGC) at SCR. The reason for the tag was my one-day sponsor by Ryan Anderson (twitter: @entrerix).

The idea was to create a sponsor by the community for the community. This also correlates to the whole FGC and MLG clash everyone has been arguing about.

Happy New Years!

I apologize for posting so late about the new year. I had just recently got a new keyboard. My old keyboard had water spilled all over it thanks to my niece.

During New Year's Eve, I drank a lot and played more black jack with the family. We ate lots of great foods and the next day my sister had us over for some hangover Pho.