Monday, January 9, 2012

Questions from the Unknown Part 3: Close Standing Roundhouse

Unknown said...

What benefit is there in using cl.HK? I saw Daigo using that in the past and I see laugh use it sometimes. I saw it vs Viper and someone else. Dont remember.

Considering old videos of Daigo playing Ryu, there are some reasons to why he (or other Ryu players) tend to use close standing round house in general.
After studying just about every Ryu player in Vanilla, I've noticed the usage of standing round house as a way to catch back dashes. If they back dash you get the last hit of cl.HK. If the opponent loves to focus tech on wake up all hits of cl.HK will hit the opponent.

For those of you who don't know what focus teching is: Pressing focus attack and throw while back dashing. If you absorb an attack you back dash safely. However, if they attempt to throw you are still able to tech. It's also a great way to beat option-select back dash punishes (for example jab option select jab + sweep).

In SSF4 AE (as well as AE v.2012), cl.HK is relatively safe on block (-1 on block) and a great normal to frame trap with. Here are some examples of its usages on C. Viper courtesy of Vesper Arcade:

(Be sure to check out if you enjoyed this video.)

Some other examples of using cl.HK are to beat wake up options or special moves in general. Let's use C.Viper as an example. You can beat almost all her wake up options with cl.HK (except for wake up thunder knuckle and ultra). If your cl.HK connects you can actually follow up with some of the combos in the video above.

Another example is Daigo against Vega (Claw) players. I don't see him doing this as much anymore, but he'd use cl.HK to remove the claw or mask on Vega players. Interestingly enough, it eventually worked but it's not as practical given there are better options on offense when Vega is knocked down.

In situations where you become predictable in using cl.HK, your opponent can counter and just throw you out of the move (given the move has an 8 frame start up). Other times, the opponent can just wake up ultra you. So be careful on how you use it.

The final use of cl.HK that I'm going to bring up is the hit box. I'm not exactly sure if this was in Vanilla, but when you hit someone with cl.HK and FADC towards your opponent you can actually pass through their hit box and end up on the other side like so:

(Video courtesy of arjan127 - You can check out his channel at

What do you guys think of the usages? Leave your questions and comments below! :)


P.S. One thing I forgot to mention, there are times where Daigo (including myself and other Ryu players) have accidentally pressed cl.HK. We just messed up our kara-throw (heavy kick is Ryu's kara cancel for extra range on his throw). :)


  1. Hi Samurai,

    I've been using cl.HK in combos since the first three hours of SSF4 AE's release. I catch back dashes a lot and FADC DPxxU1 easily. I'm adding the longer combos into my play and have passed through chars bodies during matches for months now. Some other ways of using it are...

    #1. As an ani-back dash OS
    #2. jf.MP (hit x1) cl.HK FADCxxU1

    Thank you for helping Ryu users improve.

  2. @KaizenMaster - Thanks man. You're very welcome. I'm all for getting players better. But I felt like being more specific on who to help. Why not help Ryu players since I play Ryu. :)

    Also, thanks for your input. I haven't seen #2 before.

  3. Sweeeet. A good write up, and with videos to help clarify information. Now I have to figure out if OS sweeping or is better on wakeup. Cl. hk seems good, cause you can get another knockdown after the hits. (but u get more damage with this knockdown as opposed to the os sweep)
    If you time the right, then they shouldn't be able to throw it, right?
    What does have to do with removing the claw/mask?
    Also, do u use Ryu's kara? I'm assuming so. I just found out he has a kara like a month ago.
    Also, what changes did you make to your Ryu play since 2012?
    Lastly, here-
    if you haven't seen it already. I haven't got to see much high profile Ryu play since 2012. Have you any good footage of anyone besides scr?
    Thanks again Mikyyyyyyyyy. :)

  4. Hi Unknown,

    I used cl.HK versus TR Halibel today when he chose Viper to play with. We both were at mid screen. We were at about range two. I walked up to her when she was crouching to make it seem as if I was going to test her throw tech and pressed cl.HK. I got a clean CH. Also, when I dash under chars after winning an air-to-air encounter, I sometimes press cl.HK to CH their throw tech if I don't think that they'll mash an invincible move on me.

  5. Hi Samurai,

    You are welcome. I have noticed you more within the past three months playing at tournaments. I'm somehow found this blog of yours during that time. I'll be checking back here more often and sending my students here to learn. Have a great night.

    P.S. Can I call you Miky or should I call you Samurai?

  6. @Unknown - If you time the cl.HK you can beat stand teching (throws).

    I don't always use Ryu's kara. Sometimes changing the time of your throw also includes changing the pixels over the course of the throw. That means not kara throwing can make your throw untechable (if any of that made any sense).

    The changes make Ryu in AE v.2012 much better.

    The only other Japanese Ryu I am able to find is Naruo.

    @KaizenMaster - Glad to have you as my reader! Enjoy your stay. :)

    Either Miky or Samurai is fine. :)

  7. "hat means not kara throwing can make your throw untechable (if any of that made any sense)."

    bla bloo bleb? I dont get it. How can a throw be untechable?

  8. @Unknown - If people see you kara throwing at certain distances (for example, Ken) they will just wait for you to space a certain distance and tech the throw. However, if you change the pace of how you throw (for example, normal throwing) you break their pattern of concentration.

    They assumed you would kara throw but instead you did regular throw. If you go into training mode you'll notice you can alter the times you want to throw using this technique.

  9. Sweet. I think what you're saying is this. If someone normally crouch techs your kara throws, then you can start to normal throw. This would make your throw "untechable" because when why crouch tech, they get the initial frames of a crouch tech, which are susceptible to being throw. Yes/no?

  10. @Unknown - Sounds about right.

    Just to be clear: If someone does cr.jab xx kara throw and does cr.jab xx throw as a tick throw/block string setup, the timing to tech the throw is different by a certain number of frames for each. Therefore, the person must tech at a slower/faster frame rate depending on whether you kara throw or not.

    I hope that makes sense. :D