Monday, May 9, 2011

Hadocon II - SSF4 Doubles/Singles, MvC3 Singles, and Mario Kart!

Was great to see my buddies in NorCal again.

Hadocon II Results

Top 3 SSFIV Teams - 23 team entrants
1) Brothers (Ricky Ortiz, Filipino Champ)
2) Mr. and Mrs. Smith (Crizzle, Ghostmaker)
3) Bed Intruders (XsK_Samurai, Cynistar)

Top 3 Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - 53 entrants
1) Filipino Champ
2) Honzo Gonzo
3) XsK_Samurai

Top 3 SSFIV Singles - 55 entrants
Hadocon II - Super SFIV Singles - CHALLONGE!
1) EG Ricky Ortiz
2) Vangief
3) Ghostmaker

Top 3 Mortal Kombat - 16 entrants
1) Michael Angelo
2) Bayomar
3) Mike Vodka

Top 3 Super Mario Kart - 18 entrants
1) Vangief
2) Emseakay
3) Chris Z

Top 3 Capcom vs. SNK 2 - 10 entrants
1) Johnny
2) Phillip
3) Lionx

For this tournament I played a solid ground game. I played as smart as I could and controlled life leads in certain situations. When it came down to singles I was lacking a lot of what I was doing during team tournaments. I needed to stay focused since I put a lot of energy into ssf4 teams. By then it was too late.

In singles I lost to Vance and LamerBoi. I got out spaced and out footsied in both matches at times.

We did good but we can do better! :)


P.S. I did really bad in Mario Kart! :(