Tuesday, June 14, 2011


At ReveLAtions we went 0-2 in teams losing to our buddies Team Utah(Renzo, Andy, Gustavo) and then lost to another strong team(Ibuki, Ryu, Dhalsim). We didn't play up to our expectations and there's not much to say about our performance(or lack thereof). In Marvel teams I teamed up with Martin and LPN(aka Long). We ended up going 0-2. :(

ReveLAtions was a very hard tournament. Lots of strong players in the bracket itself. They decided to do a whole bracket instead of pools for singles AE. As soon as you won your first match you would have to play a strong player. I had to play John Choi after my first win. Choi's spacing was on point. He out footsied, out fire balled, and out spaced me the whole two sets. I tried to challenge him. Maybe it was a mistake to do so, but it was a great way to see how I was doing compared to his experience. I ended up losing 0-2.

After playing a couple of matches I had to play Filipino Champ(Ryan). When we got to the setup he was saying to himself that he's going to play 100% and he knows that I'm going to as well. From there we played a very intense set. I noticed something after I had played the sets. I was out poking his limbs at first, but when he stopped throwing out limbs carelessly I struggled. This is where I should be throwing fireballs in mid screen to challenge his spacing. Otherwise, I'd be stuck in the corner and it's hard to punish limbs in the corner. In the end I lost 0-2, but put up a good challenge(not good enough for me as I didn't win). I was out of the tournament.

In Marvel singles I went 0-2 as well. Nothing worth mentioning since I am not good at that game at all. I money matched Fanatic for $20 first to 4. I lost 1-4 and it was really bad. He used the same team as me(MSS) but his order was mag/storm/sent. My order was storm/sent/mag. As soon as I lost storm I struggled.

Overall it was a tough tournament. I placed 33rd overall. My buddy Mike Chow placed just below top 16 and my other buddy Javier placed just outside of top 64 I believe. It was great meeting everyone again. You know who you are. :)


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