Wednesday, August 17, 2011


This is my first time playing against Sanford. I always knew Sanford was good, but from playing him I feel he is really strong.

We ended up playing first to four. His fireball game was very good. His placement, spacing, and everything about his fireball game with Sagat was impressive. I had a hard time dealing with it. As for my fireballs they were mediocre. Each set was close but I lost 1-4. In the rounds that were close, Sanford had this keen ability to jump over my fireballs from max range and hit me with a jumping fierce(jumping fierce having a lower hit box invulnerability if spaced correctly). With the jumping fierce hitting, he'd kara his dp and kill me for the round. He did this about four times. I just figured my fireballs were really weak at the time. There was no excuse for him jumping over my fireballs like he did and killing me four times for the win.

One sequence I had blocked while I was in the corner: Sanford threw me in the corner, dashed up and did four shorts. I blocked it and he did it again. I blocked it and he went for an overhead. I blocked that and he dashed up and grabbed me. I teched the throw. My buddy Farouk asked after the matches, "How the hell did you block all of that?" I just told him, "I've watched videos of Sanford's Sagat." It's okay to watch other people play their characters. You may never know, but when the time comes it can come in handy. For me to main Ryu and watch other Sagat players might seem weird, but it's not. I'm looking for their habits, setups and more. Don't just watch other Ryu's if you main Ryu and so on. Expand your knowledge of the game by watching others. You may learn something new. :)


P.S. Alex Valle comes into the room.

Alex: Who'd you play?
me: Sanford... He killed me 1-4
Alex*with a smirk on his face*: He knows how to play Sagat.

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