Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tokido(Gouki) Cont.

I forgot to mention that I asked Tokido for some tips. He told me that focusing in that match wasn't very good offensively. His options to beat it are hit-confirm Demon and low forward into fierce tatsu. He also told me to to keep an eye out on my meter. Super is very important for Ryu since it makes him very strong in every match. I was using ex fireball to push him away or get a knock down in certain situations. However, it wasn't worth it at the end once I had no meter.

It's hard to say but when you use ex fireball make sure you have a reason. I use it to punish anyone trying to focus my low forward fireball at max range. I also use it to punish footsies. Over time you will know how to manage your meter and when to throw an ex fireball and when not to.


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