Saturday, November 26, 2011

Canada Cup: CCG.Detrimantix talks to me about sponsorship

Detrimantix (also known as David) and I talked about how he became sponsored under Canada Cup Gaming. It was really interesting to hear about what he had to say.

David mentioned that during a Canadian MVC3 event he had defeated Justin Wong. Of course, Justin Wong is a great Marvel player. With that being said, David created results against a well known player.

Later, David was approached by Air and was told Canada Cup Gaming needed players for Marvel. That's pretty much the gist of it.

Finally, David gave me a very interesting tip. Something that never really came to mind when attempting to be sponsored.

David told me to remove XsK_ from my tag (XsK_Samurai). I never realized it til now, but it does seem like I am sponsored with that tag in front of my name.

"People don't approach you probably because they think you are already taken," David said. "It has no value to you. You might as well take it off."

Even when I spoke with Air, he agreed as well. Air also explained that Wolfkrone (under TFA|Wolfkrone) wasn't approached often until he took TFA off of his name.

I had never really thought of it that way. I always thought I needed to create results, travel, and make a name for myself.

In my case, I haven't created too many results. I've achieved top 8 at certain events. I haven't won a major but have won many local events. In the end, winning a major along with results matters.

It is a struggle to pay bills and travel at the same time without a sponsor. It will always be in the back of my head that I need to break even or make results. On top of that, I am trying to do it with Ryu.

Don't get me wrong, I am confident in myself and trust my character, but sometimes the game doesn't allow me to create results. That, in turn, makes me work harder and makes me more motivated. However, I can only do so much with where I live and with what little financial support I have.

While talking to Air he explained that it might be too late. "People know you as XsK or XsK_Samurai," he explained. I agreed a little bit.

People do know me as XsK_Samurai, but it doesn't really help that I have it in my attempts on getting a sponsor. My decision, as of now, is to take it out.

I have confidence in myself to perform and hopefully be sponsored. However, the tag may take me a step behind as potential sponsors may believe I am already sponsored.

What do you guys think? Do you guys know me as XsK_Samurai, Samurai, or just that Ryu player? Leave your questions and comments below. I would most definitely appreciate it. :)


P.S. XsK is short for Xero Skill. Don't ask! It's from an old DotA clan.


  1. i think you can afford to lose the XsK, there aren't many other Ryu players of your skill, and definitely none named Samurai

  2. I know you as XsK_Samurai, but I always assumed XsK was an old tag anyway. I think it's fine to keep it. As long as you perform well, people will inquire about a sponsorship. People like Tokido, Mago, Wolfkrone, and PR Rog have tagged two sponsors/affiliations before. I don't think it's a problem.

  3. @entrerix - No one really uses Samurai. xD

    @Rocky - It's more helpful, in my opinion, if I just took it off. I don't see any harm being done if I don't, but I do if I keep it.

  4. Rename yourself SamuraiXsK...if taking it off will help in getting sponsorship, take it off or rearrange your name etc.

  5. lol, it'll be easier to call you samurai, so wise choice.

  6. it makes sense if you drop it, but xsk samurai has a nice ring to it

  7. @tdksparda - Hahaha thanks man. I figured people know me as XsK_Samurai, XsK, or Samurai. It's probably too late to try and do a name change.