Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Canada Cup: eLive.Pro|Kazunoko

I was watching Kazunoko play from the side while studying him. He played so calculated. On top of that, he did not give respect to his opponent. He knew when to mash on his three frame jab and up-kick his way out of pressure. With that in mind, I tried to use that to my advantage when I played him during casuals.

I only got to play Kazunoko about ten or so games. He was needed at his pools but I was able to absorb a lot playing against him. As for how the sets went, I didn't get a set but I took rounds.

While I was playing Kazunoko I noticed something he would do quite often. As soon as you started to get a feel of his next move he'd make another move. It was as if he didn't want me to think or even give me the slightest hint to his next move.

My motive was to get a life lead and make Kazunoko come to me. If I got him knocked down I would do a mix-up on him. Essentially, everything worked out as planned but as soon as I was cornered it became that much harder to maintain that life lead. I was able to make some reads and punish him with big damage. However, Kazunoko was able to make reads on me, as well, and punished me with big damage.

In the end, I lost (what seemed to be) 0-10 in casuals against Kazunoko.

Luckily, there was a translator available there for me to ask Kazunoko what I did well and what I didn't do so well. The translator explained to me that Kazunoko felt my pokes were good (frame traps and counter pokes against Yun), but that I tend to try to poke when I had a life lead. With that being said, the translator continued saying that I shouldn't poke once I had a life lead. The translator finished saying that Kazunoko thought I was doing fine.

Overall, I felt I was doing fine. I was just missing some key elements. Those elements were match-up experience against Yun and Kazunoko's play-style with Yun. It's one thing to know the match-up of a character, but it's also another to know the person. With that being said, I felt if I kept playing Kazunoko I would do better and eventually be able to take him down more consistently. :)


P.S. Moral of the story: Stay confident in yourself and trust your character!


  1. Haha this reminds me of some anime storyline. Thanks for the post! :)

  2. Liked the ps part of the blog the most. Good shit mikey!

  3. hi. i am also a ryu player, and i get inspired by great ryu players like youself!
    im far from being good whith him and i lose sometimes to guys that i see im clearly better but they get me a lot whith random shit... any advice?

  4. @Matthew and @Rocky - Hahaha thank you and your very welcome. Also, it's Miky (no 'E')! @_@

  5. @Brunu Santos - I get how you feel. You are not giving enough respect to your opponent. Even if the person is not as good as you there is a level of respect that you should give them. Once you do you will separate both yourself and their random habits. With that being said, you will continue to progress while your opponent continues to be random.

    A more simplified answer: Why would you risk getting hit by random moves when you are already outplaying your opponent and have a life lead? The answer: You don't as long as you give your opponent some respect.

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have more questions. :)

  6. thanks man you know what it really helped...:)
    anothre issue of mine... the ume shoryu... sometimes i get an perfect one sometimes i miss the fadc... any advice in how to train this bread-and-butter ryu combo? when im facing right it comes really good but facing left i sometimes miss. i play on a madcatz se full sanwa mod

  7. @Brunu Santos - Make sure your stick ends in Down forward when you fadc. That should fix the problem. If not let me know.