Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chris Schmidt

I forgot to mention one of the many people who inspired me to become the player I am today. Christ Schmidt is an incredible MvC2 player. He is/was from Fresno, CA (the same area I'm from). I'm not sure if he still lives in Fresno or where he is at the moment, but he inspired me.

My buddy Jeff told me a great story about him. He told me Christ Schmidt wasn't good from just playing. He went to tournaments every weekend for a year. Whether it was for casuals or tournament he traveled to train and become stronger. I, of course, can't say for myself whether this was completely accurate to Christ Schmidt's success but I believe it. The level he can play at amazes me. I never got into MvC2 personally, but watching him play at Seasons Beatings 5 WITHOUT practice (and placing 2nd overall) was amazing and inspiring in itself. In my head I thought, "Oh my goodness... a whole year?" Jeff said, "Yep, that's what it takes to get good." Immediately I thought of doing just that.

By the end of August 2010, my buddies (Mike Chow and Javier) and I had been traveling to tournaments every weekend. We also make trips up to NorCal to train against NorCal players every Monday or so often as we could.

As of today, we have been traveling to tournaments/sessions for close to 4 months. We have a lot of work to do! :)



  1. i saw chris at sessons beatings and, even though people like to call out east coast players or even neo and wong as the best mvc2 players out there, his play is what convinced me that that game wasn't just random bs and turltling with storm. so much so that whenever i see hype stuff happen in marvel all i can hear is skisonic yelling "chris schmidt!" over and over again. i had no idea that that was him without practice ... he was amazing.

    and since this seems like a natural segue, do you see yourself playing mvc3 even if only for a change of pace from SF? those games are so different (plus you've already come so far with SF and i'm assuming "We have a lot of work to do!" means it will probably be your focus) that it would make sense if you didn't ... but mvc3 is like 2 weeks away and the community seems to have already embraced the game without even playing it. just curious on how you're looking at it.

  2. I will play it just to beat a friend of mine (Jeff). That is all for now! :)