Friday, January 28, 2011

Next tournament: Crossroads: The Battle of Central Cali

This is a local tournament we're having in Fresno. Lot's of strong players. I have and will be training up for this event. It is very important for us to do well. It is in Fresno of course! We have to represent it well.

I'll be there trying my best (as well as the rest of the crew). Try to catch us on the stream! :)



  1. been trying to get on here and post all night but every time i'd get to proof-reading you would be back on stream.

    let me get this out of the way. there is NO shame in getting knocked out by who many would consider the best player in NA right now.

    that runback against andy ocr was match of the night ... until you knocked out tatsu. chow missed soulless and you never looked back (taking advantage of another player's mistake is just as important as any other aspect of SF as far as i'm concerned). even the constant shit talking stream chat was impressed and they're starting to realize not to sleep on you.

    i don't want to look like i just ask you about every matchup that you lose to in tournament but how is your rufus experience? that divekick pressure is very unique in this game and it looked like you didn't have many options/ways out.

    main reason i ask is i know a very good rufus (who i also met through peaceful jay's stream) who is always looking for serious people to play and level up against. goes by yanushik on and yanucerda on xboxlive

    you mentioned that online practice has been a great asset to you and i'd be happy to give you another tool to train with if its something you're interested in. if not its no big deal.

    love watching high level play and you never seem to disappoint. congrats on top 4. you earned that shit.

  2. i kinda wanted to take that post back but i'll let it ride ... like you don't know ricky o is a good player. ha i gotta stop posting spur of the moment because now that i think about it there aren't many rufus players who can match what ricky does (congrats on beating his cammy though) so i don't wanna take anything away from him or anyone.

    good exposure for fresno regardless and i wish you luck building that scene

    on a side note xero skill samurai huh? lol thats hilarious.

  3. LOL yeah. It was an old DotA clan tag that I've been too stubborn to change. Also, it's just to troll people.

  4. Say what's on your mind. I'm perfectly fine with that. I'll make a post on Ricky Ortiz later because I think it's something I need to do even for myself. I gotta rest for another tournament "today". Thanks for the cheers/comments/support. I appreciate it a lot man. I really do. Thank you again! :)

  5. Oh yes. I know who Yanu is. I've seen him play on peaceful jays stream a bit. Please if you have the chance, let him know I do need Rufus training! I'll go ahead and add him today.