Friday, January 28, 2011

Why I chose Ryu!

I first started playing 3rd Strike after my brother in law showed me the Daigo parry moment. I was like... What? That's crazy! I downloaded GGPO and tried to do the same but it was very hard. I figured why not try to get better at the game. I only played for fun, but I was ass! I used Ken of course and didn't know how to play that well.

Almost a couple months later Street Fighter 4 came out. I asked my brother in law, "Should we get it?" He said, "Why not looks fun." First time I played it I chose Ken and I hated it. There was no parry or anything. I didn't understand that you had to anti-air, zone, space, ect. I tried to use Ryu instead since Daigo used him and I studied his Ryu. I didn't understand what he was doing but I just copied. What attracted me to Ryu was his fireballs and anti-air abilities. He was a very well-rounded character. I wanted just that - a standard character! I only went so far from studying Daigo.

Then I tried to learn Street Fighter 2 Super Turbo. That game taught me a lot about anti-air's, spacing and fundamentals in general. Everyone did so much damage in that game that you can't let a character jump-in. I used Ryu and it was very hard to play that game for me. It taught me appreciation for SF4.



  1. thank you for the honest answer. i get stuck in this mind state that ... i don't really know what i was expecting when i picked up the stick for the first time but it was a shock to see that i was bad no matter who i picked. i like that someone inspired you to the point that it made you want to imitate.

    when i first started reading one of the first things you pointed out to me was "It's okay to copy." but i'm just now starting to understand what exactly that means and what it means to you.

    and that, although inspired by someone else, you've taken that, put in the work, and run with it to be the player i see killin it on stream is inspiring to someone like me.

    so again i say thank you and know that i really mean that.

  2. Thank you man! It really means a lot to me that I've inspired at least one person. :)