Thursday, January 20, 2011

West Coast Warzone 3 - Response :)

Reader - eric:

keno proved himself to be am excellent rog in the team tournament and singes but i'd like to hear your opinion on the match. what gave you a hard time and what limitations does ryu have when it comes to boxer/what other matchups do you feel ryu is at a large disadvantage. or do you just think you could have played that match better? 

i hope you don't mind the questioning but i want to be more than the typical reader who post messages like "awesome shit @ wcw... you rule".

also who impressed you at wcw? i'd like to get the opinion of a competitor and not just of those in a stream. was there anyone whose matchup knowledge or just experience inspired you (at wcw or from a tournament before you started competing.) /picking miky's brain

My response:
Keno was really strong. Air (I'll address him as Kenny) was telling me before the match that he was really strong. As strong as a Japanese Balrog player. I was more excited in playing him than before after hearing that. I had always wanted to play against Keno after watching him fight John Choi at Evo 2010. His spacing was great in the corner, his decision making was strong, and he respected me. When I was fighting Keno, I was determined to test my footsies against his Balrog. I kept up! At least I thought I did. I wanted to challenge his footsies and his fundamentals. It was really nice! I don't feel Ryu has major disadvantages. He is a solid character that has many tools to fight against the whole cast.

Against Balrog it depends on how you play it. Both characters are solid and if put in both equally skilled players I believe its a 5:5 match-up. The level of knowledge and skill against the other player is what determines how skewed this match-up is.

Keno impressed me the most at WCW. I also am inspired by PR Rog, John Choi, Mike Ross, and Jeff Schaeffer.

PR Rog - He inspired me to double tap. If someone coming from PR gets that good and executes that well then I can too!

John Choi - He really helped me realize fundamentals are very important. For someone who doesn't play as often as others he can kill a player who has weak fundamentals and spacing.

Mike Ross - He was the first player outside of Fresno that played my terrible Ryu back in Vanilla. I remember telling him, "I want to fight you and Gootecks someday in a tournament." He said, "You will someday. :)"

Jeff Schaeffer - If you ever get to watch his youtube videos, that guy is awesome. He inspired me to compete no matter who I'm up against. I did it before watching his videos, but it's nice to know that I was on the right track ahead of time.



  1. thank you for the thorough answer. i appreciate every bit of information you are willing to share. and i checked out some jeff shaeffer videos (i was previously unaware of this guy) and i like his approach to this whole sf thing mentally and matchup-wise. that old school knowledge gets overlooked now a days.

    also i've gone back anad watched that keno fight a few times since ipw finally posted it on their youtube and that 2-0 result doesn't do you justice at all. awesome match all around (except for gootecks playing favorites on the commentary). rog just deals damage in bunches once he has meter/ultra.

    in yout post you mentioned that player matchup knowledge is the most important thing with ryu (and arguably with every character in the game no matter who you play). so...

    i'd like to know where you gather most of your info from ... is there a good fresno scene where people meet and play (i.e arcades) or do you play a lot online or is it just personal time spent in training mode? where should a new person begin if he wants to be more than just a casual player. it's way too easy to jump in and think you need to go straight for fadc ultra practice but (while that execution is important) in a real matchup if you don't know when to do that it means nothing.

    i don't know if any of that made sense. i just never really got exposed to vanilla and coming in late to super (not to compete but just because i've learned to respect the game) is sort of overwhelming. any words from someone who has been there would be greatly appreciated.

    lol after that i'll stop hijacking your blog

  2. Don't worry you are motivation me to write more. I enjoy answering questions like these. I did a write-up for you. Hope you enjoy it!