Wednesday, January 19, 2011

West Coast Warzone 3

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1st. EG. Ricky Ortiz [Rufus]
2nd. 801 Strider [Abel]
3rd. BLG Juicebox [Abel]

4th. BLG Filipino Champ [Dhalsim]
5th. EG. Marn [Dudley/C.Viper]
5th. Keno [Boxer]
7th. Ed Ma [Juri/Akuma]
7th. XSK Samurai [Ryu] <---- Yosssssssshhhhh!
9th. Alex Valle [Ryu]
9th. Air Canada [Ryu]
9th. Mike Ross [Honda/Blanka]
9th. Latif [C.Viper]

Here is my Battle Log for Top 16!

Keno [Boxer] d. XSK Samurai [Ryu] – 2-0
XSK Samurai [Ryu] d. Mike Ross [Blanka/Honda] – 2-1
XSK Samurai [Ryu] d. Combofiend [Guy/Abel] – 2-1

We did it! Fresno has made it past not only Top 16, but also Top 8!

Thank you to everyone who helped me get this far. You know who you are!


P.S. I will post a blog on the event soon. I am just busy since school started. But stay tuned!


  1. keno proved himself to be am excellent rog in the team tournament and singes but i'd like to hear your opinion on the match. what gave you a hard time and what limitations does ryu have when it comes to boxer/what other matchups do you feel ryu is at a large disadvantage. or do you just think you could have played that match better?

    i hope you don't mind the questioning but i want to be more than the typical reader who post messages like "awesome shit @ wcw... you rule".

    also who impressed you at wcw? i'd like to get the opinion of a competitor and not just of those in a stream. was there anyone whose matchup knowledge or just experience inspired you (at wcw or from a tournament before you started competing.) /picking miky's brain

  2. I love your interest! It compels me to write more and share my experiences. I'll make a post about it because I think it would be too long for a comment. Also, I really want to show appreciation to Keno as an opponent and someone I had met only for less than an hour.

  3. Can I even get you in for a short interview?