Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tips from Alex Valle and Crizzle/Hiro/Fchamp

Alex Valle: Dhalsim match-up... I don't hesitate... Once you do you start second guessing.

Crizzle: You're mind game is weak. I can kill you if I wanted to. You can dp me all you want but when tournament time comes I will expose you.

I beat Crizzle in Winners Finals for a small casual tournament at Hiro's 3-0. He came back and beat me 3-2 and 3-1 in grand finals. He said he was going to beat me and I gave him that credibility. His Viper baited out a lot of my DP's. One's he didn't punish when I fought him in winner's finals. I proceeded to play the same way during the grand finals, got exposed, and proceeded to play the same way during casuals. Crizzle was a bit frustrated with me. He said, "You're playing the same way. Why should I dumb down my game to play you." I didn't take his comment offensively. I asked, "So what should I do?" He said, "You need to mind fuck (mind game) more. Condition and expose you're opponent. At a tournament, I'd let you do it all day... Jump-ins and random dp's. But when the time counts, I'ma punish you for it and you're gonna lose."

Overall, I need to use my tools better. Conditioning the opponent and adapting better is something I've been working on for a long time. It's going to be hard. Watching my matches during Cross Roads was too random for me (and too many situations where I was lucky). I don't want to be that kind of player.

Don't hesitate and be confident in you're decisions. Just try to not be so reliant on one plan (DP). Have many plans otherwise you will be categorized like I did when playing Crizzle.

Back to fundamentals for me...



  1. i like this post.

    i like that people in the community talk to each other (its not about being polite just saying what needs to be said to get the point across) and i like how experience is passed down to newer faces.

    i like hearing good players (you) running into one of my biggest problems also (lol not being a prick here cus i know you'll get past it). dp priority is probably the biggest gift as well as biggest curse to characters who have them in sfiv. catch one lucky one and misinterpret as a good read and you can easily lose a match.

    you have an amazing footsie game though and your high damage punishes are on point. but it seems like one whiffed srk negates that advantage you have over most players (not sure where i'm goin with this so i'll end with a question). in this game are dps more a combo finisher/jump in punish or is trying to counter limbs a legitimate strategy (i.e does ryu lose most of his trades with other normals)?

  2. It's very character specific. Some characters have the ability to trade with mp DP if timed correctly or beat it out completely (early jump-in active frames - ie Balrog or Ehonda). I'm my perspective if you can use DP effectively it can do just about anything. I've seen Daigo frame trap a dp with it (none ultra combo follow up). During casuals I would try to DP someone by just walking all the way up in their face. I don't FADC it either. It helps me build confidence to do the walk up dp in the comeback situation.

    Everyone is willing to share information. You just have to earn it. The reason I didn't get offended was because Crizzle knows I'm going to take the information and try to apply it as much as possible. He's trying to help me and to help myself I must be open-minded during those sessions. I mean... driving 2-3 hours on Monday's has to be worth something.

  3. Ryu's normals, depending on which, may or may not trade. But for a certain character like Bison, low forward gets stuffed by his mk and scissor kicks. To counter that you use low strong. It's very character specific and I don't want to get into detail with it.

  4. understandable ... any character with invincible normals would be extremely op. that question was kinda just digging myself out of a hole. i've thought about what i really wanted to say with this and i've realized there is no straight forward answer except "keep playing and experimenting and find what works for you". good answer to a bad question...