Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tournament in Lodi

The tournament for Super Street Fighter 4 wasn't too big. Only about 14 people entered. I used Dan in our team tournament. We did alright. I had won Super Street Fighter 4 singles and split the pot with my buddy. I got 7th in Marvel even though I'm just awful at that game. I played Tinh, who is really strong at Marvel (coming from MvC2), and he zoned me out completely. I couldn't touch him at all. Overall, playing Dan in the team tournament reminded me of playing patient when its important. Dan can't do much to get in so it's important to really work for your damage, play patient and use your leads. I thought it was interesting how well we did. Anyway, I'll let you guys know what tournament we'll be going to next. It's been quite slow, but it seems like ReveLAtions will be our next destination. I'll let you guys know! :)


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