Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Evolution 2011 - Money Matches & Results

I ended up placing Top 64 overall at Evolution 2011. Not the best I can do for sure. Here are a number of money matches I did. I don't have a complete list since I don't remember all of them, but here's a quick glimpse of how I did against the ones I remembered. I would like to point out these money matches are not a comparison of skill at all. It was more a test of how I would do against a certain player. My mentality towards the money matches were to play to learn than to win. Winning would be the incentive, but learning was my priority. With that being said, here are the results:

LuckyD(Dhalsim) 1-3
Mr. Snafu(Dhalsim) 3-1
Shiro(Makoto) 1-3
Fuudo(Fei Long) 0-3
Tokido(Akuma) 1-3, 0-3
Xian(Yun) 3-0
Sg.GAT(Sagat) 1-2
Sg.Fei(Fei Long) 0-3
GR Ray(Fei Long) 0-3, 2-3
Gustavo(Abel) 3-2, 2-3
IPeru(El Fuerte) 3-2
Ryan Hart(Ryu, Yun) 0-3, 2-3
Johzear(Vega) 3-0
Dieminion(Guile) 3-2
Sanford(Sagat) 1-4
Mar(Dhalsim) 1-3
Nakaruru(M.Bison) 0-3

Overall W:L in Sets 6-15
Overall W:L in Games 30-52

When I look at it this way it doesn't look too bad, but I still lost a lot.

I will elaborate in more details over the days of how I did and what I learned through playing these players. I won't write about all of them since that would be time consuming. Stay tuned! :)


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