Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wolfkrone and Mr. Snafu

The two people I lost to at Evolution 2011 were Wolfkrone(C.Viper) and Mr. Snafu(Dhalsim).

Wolfkrone played extremely well against me. I couldn't get close to him and when I did he lost the round. The other times he completely kept me out. I was really surprised and happy to lose to him with him playing that well. I never got to use my secret Evo tricks against C.Viper I had been saving. The score ended up being 0-2 with it being close overall. I blocked all of his burn kicks except one. However, what I should of done was low forward the burn kicks and option-select tatsu or fireball. It wasn't in my muscle memory at the time but now I know. I was more focused on not getting knocked down and working the match slowly to take him down.

My next match in losers was against Mr. Snafu. I lost the first match playing impatiently, and then it happened. I thought about picking Yun. For those of you who don't know I had been secretly training Yun for Evo. I thought about picking him to counter-pick Dhalsim specifically. However, I stuck with my guns and lost. I was angry and upset at my choice. I wasn't upset about staying with Ryu and losing. It was the fact I thought about picking Yun. I second guessed my Ryu. As soon as I thought about picking Yun I had already forfeited the game, and it showed in my game-play. I shouldn't have never thought that way and trusted my Ryu.

Soon after losing, I was able to money match Mr. Snafu. I beat him convincingly 3-1. I was able to apply the reads taken from him after the tournament. I was confident that I was correct in staying with Ryu but my mind went absent through hesitation.

Later, I had talked to Jorge a SoCal player who uses Ryu. He told me that he also second guessed himself and picked Yun. I began telling him that the heart has more activity than the brain and that he should always trust his heart. His heart and intuition was with Ryu, and so was mine. However, we both hesitated and that hesitation alone can make even a great player lose his focus.



  1. That's a great lesson. I feel more reassured now in sticking to my Ryu, no more second-guessing for me, just going to stick whole-heartedly to my main.

    All the best in your future tournaments XsK. I love the detail you show in your blogs. I believe one of your last posts about Mago had a line that went like; "You can't throw fireballs [at that range]. But you have to throw fireballs." and that just made so much sense to me as a Ryu struggling with his own fireball game.

    With you being one of the few Ryus left, I wns up watching a lot of your videos, and my buddy from Shadowloo- Sol, also told me you were very strong from playing you at EVO.

  2. @Muttonhead - Thank you! It brings me joy that you enjoy my blog and see what path I'm trying to take with Ryu. Meeting Sol was very nice! Thank you for your support. I will do my best! And please subscribe! :)