Monday, October 3, 2011

Q&A: Ryu 2012

hard_cock said...

What are your thoughts on the balance changes of AE 2012 and where do you see Ryu in the tier list after a patch?

Well, first off I'd like to say that Ryu got his low forward back! That will definitely help. As for now I can't say anything is for sure. It will help with his match-ups and the extra damage buffs will help as well. Although, ever since I've watched Filipino Champ and Mike Ross in Japan I believe that (in my opinion) my Ryu is not completely unlocked. For what they said in their experience in Japan, they expressed how each player had unlocked just about as much as they could from their character. It literally meant that they knew every situation, every max punish, and almost every match-up details for their character. I've known this since day one. I knew that if I went to Japan and played Ryu I would struggle. Players there have unlocked their characters to the maximum potential. After that, it is about how you think about the game.
I recently spoke with Air (Kenny) and he said that going to Japan will help you learn match-ups. Afterward, it is how you think about the game. I'm assuming he meant positioning, game plan, and overall fundamentals and footsies. There is also a mix of reactions and predictions, but you get the idea. As for now I really can't tell you where Ryu stands until I go to Japan. As for now, I'm sure he will do better.
A player makes the character who they are, not the character. :)


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