Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Q&A: Ryu's jump-in jab

Muttonhead said...

After a untechable knockdown, why do some Ryus jump in with jab sometimes? I see Air doing this sometimes. Is it just for a quicker tick throw or is there some other trick to it?
Usually after an untechable knockdown, Ryu's will do a jumping heavy or medium attack (and option-selecting at the same time when it applies). The opponent will be: 1) looking to block the safe jump and 2) dealing with the mix-up afterward (frame-trap, throw and so forth). However, since the opponent is comfortable with the amount of block stun a heavy or medium attack creates their timing will change. Jumping jab, having little block stun, will change their timing and momentum in their crouch techs. The block stun will let your opponent recover much quicker leading to a faster timed mix-up. The jumping jab is also a visual mix-up. Most players are used to seeing a jumping heavy or medium. Therefore, your opponent is given less time to anticipate your mix-up. I hope this helps! :)


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