Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dromstruction & Canada Cup

Just a heads up on which events we will be attending. I will be there at Dromstruction. But more importantly, we will be at Canada Cup! My buddy Javier and I decided that since we had gone to Season's Beatings last year that it would be more adventurous to go out of the state and attend another tournament. I completely agreed since Canada Cup has not been part of our experience.

With that being said, I personally will be using Dromstruction as a training ground for Canada Cup. I will take it seriously but it is to ensure I am comfortable for Canada Cup. Aside from that, come support the event and support us as well! がんばります。(I will do my best!)


P.S. I still have the posts that I promised. I'm still saving them. If anything, I will publish the posts all at the same time. Stay tuned! :)

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