Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dromstruction Results: AE, MvC3 (Singles/Teams), and 3rd Strike!

AE Singles: Top 8 (tied for 5th)
AE Teams: 2nd (Cynistar, XsK_Samurai, Ghostmaker)
MvC3 Singles: Top 12
MvC3 Teams: 4th (Ty, Elraldo Coil, XsK_Samurai)
3rd Strike Singles: 2nd

Overall, I enjoyed the event. It was a great testing ground. It was great seeing everyone again (especially Team MINE).

However, the achievements in the aforementioned are not even worth mentioning. Not to take away from the players and the tournament itself (as well as this event being a testing ground for Canada Cup), I assumed I would take it upon myself to do my best and didn't. I felt I lacked a lot of elements in my game-play. Be it patience, execution errors, bad decisions, and just overall poor judgement and decision making there wasn't a time I felt complete control over these abilities in my game-play. And that is something I need to refocus on when it comes to Canada Cup. Wish us luck! :)


P.S. As for the posts I have been holding back for quite some time. I have felt the need to keep these posts confidential for myself and for my close friend with whom I had the discussion with. It is a post about preference and the goals that differentiates everyone from one another. I feel that it is not some sort of conversation between two friends and their ideas or perspectives, but of a life lesson (mainly about ambition). Maybe someday I will decide to release it. :)

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