Saturday, December 10, 2011

$1 Donations for SCR

After getting paid and paying bills, I've calculated that I'm still going to have trouble with one crucial expense during SCR. That expense is food.

I will be traveling with several of my friends as well, but I don't want to interfere (financially speaking) with them given the fact that they have their own personal budgets.

In response to this, I have created a $1 donation link. Anyone can donate $1 to help with my expenses to SCR. There will be no limit to how many times you can donate $1.

Donate for the cause or if you just enjoy the content on this blog.

I am extremely thankful even if you don't donate at all. The recent number of views I've received through last month are all I've asked for.

If you do donate, please don't hesitate to leave a comment in order for me to express my gratitude. :)



  1. Come on, I highly appreciate your SF spirit, but how many 15$ sandwiches are you gonna eat? Your reason for asking is pretty lame... At least, give a good one. Anyway, I remain a fan of your in-depth insight.

  2. @MATHIAS - I expected this kind of reaction.

    I agree that is a pretty lame reason. I only mentioned food since it was the lowest expense.

    If it's honesty that you want I just feel uncomfortable asking for donations. I've never really asked for donations before either. Excuse my lack of reasoning.

    The reason why I've never asked is because of my pride for wanting to do everything on my own. SCR is only 1 week away and I'm just asking for a little help. Be it lame or not, it's nothing much.

    P.S. Thanks for staying with me. :)

  3. Good luck at SCR, hope my dollar serves you well.

  4. Mathias come on bro. Dude is trying to get to scr. That's all that needs to be said. He could have just said "I could use some help with my expenses affording scr". Would that have been better? Help a homie out. He's going to school and working to make this stuff happen nah mean? Plus he's got a tight blog where he helps people out. Imma give TWO dollars.

  5. @lionrtpc - Thank you so much! You bet - I'll do my best! :)

    @Unknown - Hahaha TWO dollars! You are awesome! It's fine. I think it was more of the honesty that bothered him. I could be wrong though. :)