Wednesday, December 14, 2011

SCR - AE2012

Still doing lots of training for SCR. Sorry for the lack of posts. I am just focusing on AE2012 since it hasn't been out too long. Just doing some preparing and training for the coming event.

I was able to raise $12 dollars in my efforts to SCR. Thank you guys so much for the donations. It will really help me out for the coming weekend.

Hope you guys cheer for my friends and I. Thank you ahead of time for the cheers and support!



  1. hey XsK_Samurai, i want to get in touch with you about a beneficial arrangement. it involves food, SCR, and the fgc.

    if i could get your email? or if you wanted to send me a direct message on twitter that would work too.

    twitter: @entrerix

  2. you did good! nicely done good performance! you keep doing better and better! :D