Thursday, December 22, 2011

Canada Cup: Kineda (Terry)

I know it's quite late to post about Canada Cup, but I feel an obligation to finish some of the players left on the list. I won't be doing Bas or Mago since I don't remember what it is I want to write. It's been way too long for me to remember.

Kineda (Terry) had some great advice for me while at Canada Cup. However, it didn't come from him. He said it had come from other top players. Although he didn't mention their names I was able to bug him about what they had said about me.

Terry said, "You don't have X-Factor."
I said, "Who says that?"
He replied, "Don't worry about it."
I looked at him puzzled saying, "It's okay just tell me. You can trust me."
Terry replied, "Well, the other top players said you don't have X-Factor."
"X-Factor," I asked. "What does that mean?"
Terry went on to explain, "Alex Valle has X-Factor, Daigo has X-Factor, but you don't."
"I see," I said with still no understanding from what he had just explained.

From the time Terry said that to me til now, I've got an idea on what it means (somewhat). My thoughts were that I try to play too solid. That wasn't the case when I played Tokido. I had ruled that out.

What about that I don't play solid at all? I don't think that's it either because I try my best to  be calm, collected, and solid during intense situations. I think I know just what it is.

I don't clutch out most situations. As people may know, Justin and Daigo (and other strong players) have had their moments clutching out a win. I, on the other hand, haven't done much of that yet. I plan to though.

And what I mean by that I plan to is that if needed I will force myself to make that comeback. I'll put myself in situations where a comeback is needed.

Now this doesn't mean that I haven't been doing so all along. I have, but it's just hard to constantly put yourself in situations where you need to clutch out a win if you don't travel to many events/tournaments.

With that being said, I will continue to work on this. It's like what Nekohashi said about me. I'm not tough when the moment is needed. I need to able to clutch out important moments of a match. The moments where it counts the most.

What do you guys think Kineda (Terry) meant about X-Factor? What do you think of my interpretation? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think. :)



  1. I don't you need more experience that's all.

    You don't really travel outside of Central California much for other tournaments, and what all these other top players have over you is experience. This "x-factor" is the factor that can only be built during experience playing in high pressure situations. Daigo/Valle/Justin/Choi have done this before and have played in a shit ton of high pressure situatons. You sir need to get sponsored fast, as its hard to travel out of CenCal (or Midcal I call it) to get your "X-factor" built. Maybe you can find another way though since you're a much much better player than I am.

  2. @Nguboy - I'm definitely working on being able to travel to other events. We will just have to wait and see. :)

  3. I think the x-factor is the ability to sense the win, kinda like a sixth sense... sometimes it comes out and gets you out of complicated situations or gives you a win when you were practically done for... well at least is what i think it is.

  4. I was told that the X-factor is only in UMVC... seriously though, to me it sounds like he is pulling your leg. If he is serious, then this is very worthless advice.

    I think you know yourself and you know what it is that you need to do to improve. Now it's just a matter of making it happen (and I know better than anyone that is way easier said than done).

  5. BTW, I hope that msg of mine didn't come off as harsh. I'm just trying to say that his advice is like saying, "The reason you're not winning is because you don't have 'it'" and then when you ask what "it" is, he just responds with, "Daigo & Valle have "it" but you don't." That's why I say it is worthless info. So just wanted to clarify incase my previous msg sounded harsh.

  6. @jtl08 - It didn't come off as harsh at all. That is your interpretation of his advice. However, my interpretation was different. Just a matter of difference in perspectives.

    Terry's my friend and I don't think he was pulling my leg. If anything he was trying to protect my feelings.

    As for the interpretation, with the advice I've gotten from so many people it all came down to being more clutch. I figured what Terry had to say was in association with being clutch. :)

  7. Yo. That x factor IS it. It's that ability to tap into the 7th dimension. Schmidt used to ask me if I had the x factor, the killer instinct. IMO, it's the ability to go out side of what is "smart" and just play, like art. It's not necessarily going outside of the box on purpose, but more like letting your spirit lead you where it goes, which may include going outside the box. Its like letting pure intuition take over. blablabla. That's what I think. I also kind of think that everyone has it, just to different levels though.