Thursday, December 22, 2011

Canada Cup: WDM.Luffy & Xian

After my tournament loss to eLive.Pro|RF, I was extremely frustrated. I immediately looked for redemption and asked RF to a money match, but he wanted to watch the rest of the tournament.

I felt I had to play someone so I looked for some money matches around the venue. The Canadians were a little reluctant to money match, but that didn't bother me. Then I found WDM.Luffy and Xian.

I had money matched Luffy earlier on the first day. It was 2-0 and he came back and beat me. What happened at the end was he jumped and I whiffed a dp. What I should have done was crouching fierce to win the set 3-0. He punished me with super and went on to beat me 2-3.

I figured this is a good chance to play him again. We played and I eventually got more frustrated.

Keep in mind I had just lost to RF, was hungry (but was dumb enough not to get food with my buddy), and frustrated. I jumped into a money match knowing full well that these attributes will effect my game-play. But good ol' stubborn me thought it was a good idea.

What happened in the end? I lost 3-1 to Luffy for $20. Not only did I lose to him I lost the same way when I first played him. My stubbornness to not use crouching fierce was killing me.

I demanded a rematch knowing full well it wasn't a good idea. I lost again (I don't remember the score) and had lost $40 to Luffy. I was extremely frustrated.

I later found Xian and money matched him for $5. I played extremely uncharacteristic and played impatient. I lost 3-0. I was officially salty.

Never, in my recollection of past events, have I decided to make one stupid decision after another. What got over me was my pride. I had to win before I left the venue (or something of that nature).

Luckily, Terry (Kineda) was there to consolidate me. He offered to give me a $20 and said, "Take a break and then go win it back. You can pay me back with your winnings."

I eventually didn't bother money matching at all the rest of the day.

My lesson here is don't play if you are in a state of mind where you aren't focused. Moreover, don't play when you will just auto-pilot. At the very least, play to learn and get better.

I really don't know what I was focusing on. All I know is I got beat every time I picked up the sticks.

Have you guys ever got frustrated yet continued to play knowing full well what was going to happen? Or were you smart enough to take a break from your frustrations? Leave a comment below and let me know. :)


P.S. Terry and Leo I still owe you guys $20 each. I just remembered now.


  1. I definitely have done this before, I money matched an Evil Ryu after I lost a close match to a player who thought he would've lost to me. I just thought I could bull doze my way to victory in a frustrated state of mind, but soon I realized that a calm state of mind was the best way to play the best I can play. I lost that money match but the lesson learned was definitely greater than the cost.

  2. Yes. As you know, I haven't been playing for very long. But as I play rank on Live, I've done some really stupid things like play when I know I'm not at my best. And then when I start to lose, I keep trying to make my points back up only digging myself in a deeper hole.

    Also, I still play pretty scrubby. So I'll try to emulate the way top Ryus play only to get owned even worse because I can't play like that yet. But if I win by playing scrubby, people complain about it so I try not to.

  3. @Nguboy - Good to hear that you learned from your mistake. :)

    @jtl08 - I've actually done this in the past due to stubbornness. I end up playing longer than I should. Glad to hear you know when you are auto-piloting.