Sunday, December 4, 2011

Questions from the Unknown [Part 1]

Unknown said...
On Muttonhead's question- why dont ppl just jump in more on John? It seems like he's GOING to throw a fireball a lot, so why not eat a couple dp's in exchange for a jump in? 

I wanted to point out how good of an idea that was to challenge a person's strength's. It makes me see that I have an ego or competitive side that wants to win. I just realized how much stupid cheap stuff I'll use that I know will hit certain opponents, in casuals. 
I also dont like to wait to play again and dont like to lose when a bunch of people are around. Time to stop caring. Thanks for the post.

@Unknown - There are two things with jumping in at John Choi (or at Ryu in general).

Let's say you jump and you hit him. You took a risk and the risk was rewarded with a big combo (as it should). You get a huge life-lead, meter advantage, position and spacing.

It's okay to jump at a player who has great fireballs and zoning. If you don't jump and challenge your opponent's fireballs then you'd be giving too much respect to them.

Now the cons to jumping are that you lose position, spacing, life, and meter (Ryu dps you and sets up another fireball chip setup). That, in turn, can add up significantly over time. It's a risk you took and didn't pay off.

Instead of taking a risk that isn't in your favor, it's better to play a solid ground game and out smart him. You have 99 seconds to jump over one of his fireballs.

Why jump at him at the 99 second mark and do significant damage when you can jump over his fireball at the 10 second mark and fadc ultra for the win? You have to look at the risk and reward at specific times in the match.

It isn't important that you jump in over his fireball. It's more important when you do it. It's a matter of conserving your master game-plan until it counts. That's when you execute it.

Also, thank you for the comment. Having an ego is okay as it reflects your confidence. However, having a ego that hinders you less likely to get better is something that needs to be worked on. I feel it's better to be open-minded since information can be given through experience and through observation. Those observing can offer great advice (whether they are strong players or not).

Hopes this helps.


P.S. Who knows... maybe he will jump at you. :)


  1. I wanted to ask you this question when your stream were live but found about your stream+blog one day after that happened.
    This might be an idea for a future topic and something i want to get better at personally.

    How do you properly throw fireballs? when to use which strength, spacing, situations, when to not throw a fireball, what to think about before you throw a fireball(always think about why you just did that kinda thought) and more.

    I'd greatly appreciate it if you would consider doing something like this and maybe even using your stream to your advantage for this.


  2. @KeFFi - it's almost impossible to teach another person how to throw fireballs. The person must experience it themselves and apply it to their game-play to properly learn how to throw fireballs. However, I can definitely help you with the basics.

    Anything above that you have to learn through your own experiences. Catch the stream sometime and definitely ask about this. I'll be sure to demonstrate some basics to fireballs.

  3. I've noticed that throwing fireballs can be learnt, but is the hardest thing to learn in this game. For ryu, throwing 100% safe fireballs and whiff punishing/footsies & baiting is just so critical at high level. You have to go through each and every matchup and see how much range it takes for them to beat your fireball/evade it in order to successfully punish you. Then, you have to practice throwing only once you are in that range or at further range. Then, you have to learn about how to use fireballs as pokes in comparison to using your normals as they may trade/you may get hit before you hit a button for your normals, which in turn, can be highly risky (mid range fireball throwing). So really, I think only Daigo's got this partly mastered...It's so insane to do that it's mind bogging. With all that, you even have to watch out for whiff moves to punish and anti-air whenever possible. Playing ryu at a high level is just extreme lol.

  4. @DevouringNirvana - You definitely explained it well. That's why I enjoy playing Ryu. :)

  5. yh if you could cover an article about this. like which fireballs to use and when(jab,strong,fierce. how do you feel about the subject on fireballs. especially in sf4 where now nearly every character has a viable way around fireballs.

  6. @DevouringNirvana Great post, i'm trying to get better at throwing fireballs but i really need someone to teach me the basics to set me onto the right path. It's like when you first start out you have no clue what footsies are, then someone explains the thought behind it and you'll slowly start grasping it.

  7. My post is from pure experience, analysis of many,many high level matches, and from knowledge I got from the Footsies Handbook on SonicHurricane. There should also be a few setups in this game regarding fireballs and anti-airing. For example, in Turbo, once you DP your opponent, you can immediately throw a meaty jab fireball and throw another one the moment after the meaty jab fireball hits the opponent. Usually, it's safe on 90% of the characters or so? And you'll be able to immediately DP them even though it seems like it actually isn't safe. I think that XsK is very good at footsies (in particular, whiff punishing and baiting using slk), but may need to work on his fireball throwing like the rest of us considering that it's stupidly hard to master. Fireball throwing could be taught, but it'd require a shit load of dedication for every match. Like for example, if I played Ryu Ryu, I would find all the ways that ryu could pass through his fireballs and which are safe at certain distances. Ryu can beat my fireball through Jumping Roundhouse which has a ton of range (3 squares I think), heavy tatsu, air heavy tatsu, Ultra, Super, etc. You would have to measure and figure out the ranges for all of that and work around it. Unless we have someone very dedicated, it'll be difficult. I'm not sure if you can manage this perfectly in time for SCR XsK, but you've already got the jist of it : p. Maybe this could be something you can work on for evo ^^

  8. @DevouringNirvana - I agree. Players from Super Turbo know how to throw fireballs well. But to master it is something you've done for years. I'll be definitely working on that. :)