Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blog Statistics: Month of November

I cannot express my gratitude to everyone that has helped me get better in the fighting game community. I have also met many great friends through gaming and appreciate all of them. However, this month my thanks must go out to those reading my blog.

From the beginning to the end of November, I was able to get about 4,000 views. That's more than double from what I had got just for one year. Ever since the creation of my new twitter account (@XsK_Samurai), I have been able to reach other people from different countries - as well as my own (United States) - and offer them a source of information. Hit the jump to see the statistics!

United States
United Kingdom
Total:                                                                                  3,920

This post is to thank everyone who was able to read my content. It really motivates me to continue to write and perform at tournaments. I was happy with about 1,000 views in one month, but you guys have exceeded my expectations.

For that I must thank you all for supporting me. It gives me great joy to see such support from different countries and makes me really enjoy what I do even more. I hope the number of readers continues to increase so that I can share my experiences with others much more.

I hope to inspire, motivate, and encourage others to continue to grow and mature the same way other people I have met along have done for me. Thank you for your cheers and support. They will not be wasted. :)


P.S. You guys are awesome! :)


  1. You have to thanks your effort too! you took the time and the work to make this happen.
    I appreciate the dedication you put into this and your availability to respond to everyone, i can tell you really enjoy this!

    keep it up you got my support! maybe we cross ryus sometime! :D

  2. I just found out about this blog and I'm definitely going to be regular reader from now on. Glad to see another top level player maining Ryu... Air says (on his blog) that he is thinking of a new main :(

  3. @jtl08 - Awesome! Glad to have another reader. Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy your stay! :)

    As for Air, he's just keeping his options open. We've talked about the characters in 2012. Only time will tell.

  4. Sorry this may be a dumb question but on the 2912 patch details we can read the air tatsu "Adjusted timing of trajectory break-point to be 3F behind the previous point when initiated with an angled forward jump."
    Hmm what exactly does this mean? thanks

  5. @Brunu Santos - Not a dumb question at all. Other players are confuse on what this means as well.

    It means you can do forward air-tatsu towards your opponent. However, you cannot escape tatsu. Hope that answers yourquestion.

    Sorry for the late reply. :)

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  7. Dang. Not being able to edit is lame. I would have put hyphens in front of every new set of related questions so it didn't look like trash. Oh well. Geez. No reason to rub it in Blogspot. It signs me in as "unknown". I'll be good one day blogspot. You'll see.
    P.S. Sorry for so many questions. That's just what came up when I watched a couple of your vids vs RF and Mago.

  8. (Edited) questions for miky- Y u so gdlk? That match with RF was disgusting. Did you pay him to lose? (edit- I had only watched one match at this point) Cuz that was destruction. Also, what do you think about doing a video that goes over one of your matches, and you can talk about what youre thinking during the match, what patterns you see in the other player. . . that sort of thing. I want to know waht was going in during that RF match, cause you either had a really good day with intuition, or know the matchup really well, or were reading your opponents moves really well, or all of them.

    Also, do you always do XX wp.srk when u see focus? Is that safe if they backash? Are there characters with a quicker backash that can punish it?

    What character specific stuff do you use that could be applied to reference points? IE- AFter throw tech vs X character, I like to do X.

    What benefit is there in using cl.HK? I saw Daigo using that in the past and I see laugh use it sometimes. I saw it vs Viper and someone else. Dont remember.

    When do you use,, instead of say,, cr.fp, XX wk.tatsu? Why? I understand that the 1st combo would keep them close and allow for mixup opportunity. Do you do that combo vs characters that you want to rush down? Do you do it vs characters without srk? Does it depend on the player and not the character? (IE it's a player that you think is good at being aggressive, so you use the wk tatsu to push them away)

    Also, if you know someone has a dp, and you just got a cr.HK off, what options do you go over in your head now that you know they have dp? Possibly related- I have seen good people, including you, walk up and cr.wp on someone else's wakeup, and it's not a delay crouch tech. I dont understand why. In your case it makes sense, because my friend told me that everyhthing beats Vega's flip kicks and EX flip kicks.

    When do you start throwing fb's at cr.HK range, instead of doing cr.HK? Why?

    Is there a method to the madness? Sometimes when I''m focused on footies, I get jumped in on, and sometimes even hit because I hit a button. Seems like when I'm focused on srk'ing a jump in, they almost never jump. What's the deal? Are you just always paying attention for jump ins? Is it a sort of thing I just need to feel out?

    How often fo you go for and how often do you get trip guard XX FB? I just noticed you try it vs. RF's toward j.FP. (Is there a better way to write jump forward?).

    When ultra/super punishing Sagat's fireballs, are you actually looking for the ball? were you looking for a pattern? or were you just looking for any movement on Sagat's part? You were looking at RF's stick weren't you?

    Just noticed you use cl.HK on Sagat's wakeup. Why, my good sir?

    Nice empty jump into sweeps. Seems to work well against Sagat.

    What are Ryu's fireballs made of? I'm thinking they are pure concentrated win.

    When opponent is cornered, is Ryu's toward j.wk like Akuma's? in that you can land on the side of your choice?

    That was a gdlk match. Just got to the end of it. Was surprised that he took it, especially with how bad you were beasting him.

    you seem to be using XX fireball in some instances now. Why?

    Why does Mago think that's a cool looking haircut? It's not.

    when do you use F.HP? when they are focusing a lot?

    why is it that I dont see you getting XX srk on accident when you mean to do a fireball? Is there a special imput? or is it just proper timing?

    After you stun a character do the hits you do to them while stunned count towards a second dizzy?

    Why do I see ppl using level 1 focus on their opponents wakeup?

    WTH? After a trip, you toward j.FP and it beat Fei's dragon kick clean? derp what?

    lol. ex FB on your wakeup ftw? against mago?

  9. @Unknown - @_@... I will answer these questions in future posts. :)

    Stay tuned!

  10. :) thanks. I already have more questions that I thought of while going to bed hahaha. Peace.

  11. Congratulations Mike. You definitely deserve all the hits with the great detailed and technical information you've been putting out on your blog.

    All the philosophy and mindsets to learning/adapting/competing you've shared has been especially illuminating.

    P.S. I think you should keep the name XSK as I think that distinguishes you from the more generic name Samurai. I'm sure as your profile rises sponsors will be jumping on board regardless of the letters in front of your name.

    Please keep writing excellent Ryu posts! (Please do more detailed breakdowns of John Choi's fireball game >_<)

  12. "It means you can do forward air-tatsu towards your opponent"

    I know I'm a noob, but can't we do this now?

    And what about the one-hit DP? Maybe it's just me, but this sounds like a bad thing.

  13. @Muttonhead - Thanks man. I really appreciate that. I'm thinking about keeping XsK, but who knows. I'm not too worried about it for now it's just something I talked to people about.

  14. @jtl08 - ont worry about it man. Everyone was a noob sometime (even Daigo himself). You could air-tatsu but the trajectory of it was shorter. It's now back to where you can be aggressive, get in, and cover more spacing with a longer air-tatsu.

    As for the one hit dp, ther are nothing but buffs. It does more damage and has 1 less frame of invincibility compared to medium punch dp. It also does more damage. The only thing is that you can't fadc out of it and that 1 frame less of invincibility can matter in an intense match.

  15. Can't edit post. Posting comments on my iPhone. :(

    Apologies for the mistakes. Hope that makes sense.