Wednesday, November 30, 2011

MadCatz Daigo Umehara: Gouki or Ryu?

Will Daigo switch to Gouki or Ryu?
I want Daigo to switch back to Ryu so that I can beat him. Not that I wouldn't challenge any of his other characters.

To name a few, I've played against John Choi, Alex Valle, Laugh, Air, Eric Hai (from Canada), and Daigo's Ryu. Even if they've beaten me in the past or I've beaten them in the past, I want to beat them. Even if they are friends of mine or acquaintances, I want to beat them.


P.S. Not hating. It's a Ryu thing. :)


  1. i think he should stick whith ryu but i think he dropped ryu because of the air tatsu escape from corners nerf he got cornered a lot and thought (whith reason) that at a competitive level that was a very bad nerf. akuma also fits his game style but ryu was his real deal!
    man you really fought against the creme de la creme, love your attitude and confidence! maybe someday ill trust my game that much too!
    keep at it!

  2. @Brunu Santos - Thank you! I feel like people these days are less reluctant to challenge themselves. There are many reasons why they can't and I understand that, but I want to show others that it's possible to challenge themselves and make it work.

  3. He's been playing really well with Gouki, so I'd like to see him stick with what's working for now.