Friday, July 27, 2012

NCR 10 Part 1

Hello everyone! I know... I know... It's been a long time since I've blogged, but I have a lot of experiences I have bottled up to share with you all. I'll start with NCR 10 in San Francisco, California.

Before I start I just want to say I haven't been writing for personal reasons. I had become so busy with school and work that I needed to take time off of writing. For example, most of my assignments were writing assignments that were to be submitted through online. After I would finish I didn't want anything to do with my computer.

Anyway, NCR 10 was a test of my abilities to adapt in different games. I believe this was the first tournament I entered 4 different games (SSF4 AE v.2012, UMVC3, KOFXIII, and SFxT). My pools started with AE first, KOFXIII, then UMVC3 and SFxT.
Street Fighter on day 1 didn't give me any problems. The only person in my pool was MCZ.MRN.Marn. Just to give a back story on what happened: I believe Marn had recently undergone surgery for his health. Before we played I had asked him if everything was okay. He said he was okay and well.

Marn also said, "I haven't been playing this game at all. Don't kill me!" NCR10 was when SFxT had recently released and everyone was playing it for quite some time. I smiled and laughed, but he made a mistake (in a competitor's stand-point).

I was confident going into the match against Marn. I wasn't going to underestimate him and expected to play against C.Viper. I was ready and prepared, but once he showed signs of not practicing I knew I was going to give him a hard time.

Marn is a strong player, but his movements with C.Viper weren't on par when I had last played him in casuals at SBO Qualifiers. I was able to capitalize on his mistakes in movement and execution errors. I took the first game and he was forced to change characters.

Marn's next character was Dudley. Once again, his execution and spacing seemed off. I mainly used footsies to deal most of my damage and was aware of my fireball game and spacing (due to remembrance of Marn vs Daigo). It came down to me whiffing a blocked DP. Marn tried to Ultra 1 with Dudley and it whiffed.

"No! I knew it was going to whiff, too," said Marn laughing as he put his head down. I smiled and laughed while shaking his hand. I patted him on the back and said in a polite tone, "take care of yourself." I made it to the next day for AE. My buddy Javier was there to congratulate me.

Now for KOFXIII, but you guys will have to wait til the next post! :)


P.S. I have missed writing to everyone. Hope to hear some comments from past readers.

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