Friday, July 27, 2012

NCR 10 Part 2

The next event was KOF XIII. I had recently picked up KOF XIII because it was a game I believed would help with my main game (Street Fighter).

I ended up not making it out of my pools and struggled against TC|TheBeast on stream against his Billy. Although I had no match-up experience against him, I gave him a decent fight.
The next games were UMVC3 and SFxT. I had to play KOF XIII, UMVC3, and SFxT all at the same time. I held up all 3 games because I was needed at all 3 different times. It was a little bit hectic. I literally did not stop playing until 12AM at night.

In UMVC3, I had to play EG.Floe and BT|Clockwork. Against Floe, I was able to punish his Strider assist quite often with Magneto to Storm DHC. He was using Nemesis, Wesker, and Strider. I remember I was trying to combo Nemesis with Magneto's corner hyper grab loop. As soon as it dropped, my buddy Tinh (Mine) yelled out to me saying it doesn't work on him because of his hitbox.

It came down to the last game. I had Magneto, Storm, and Sentinel against his Lvl 3 X-Factor Wesker. I called Magneto to do a safe setup but Floe shot him. In all the confusion, I thought he had killed Storm (who was on point) and lost her. It all came down to Sentinel.

For those of you who don't play Sentinel, Wesker vs. Sentinel is an extremely hard match-up. Even if Sentinel is in Lvl 3 X-Factor, Wesker still has great tools to zone, turtle, and hit confirm into 75/100% combo. Wesker also has a 1 frame command grab. With my jumping animation being (I believe) 4 frames, once I land I can easily get command thrown. On top of that, if Wesker has X-Factor, everything I do is completely unsafe.

Floe had just a bit of his Lvl 3 X-Factor and was putting me in block stun. I eventually push-blocked and held up. Here is where my mistake came into play. I jumped and tried to fly away with Sentinel. Sentinel, having about 17-18 frames of flight activation, was too slow to fly away from the corner.

I got thrown and died. What I should have done against Floe's Wesker was turtle even more in the corner while having my hand over heavy punch to tech a throw. The only thing Floe had to do was to air throw me, command grab, or open me up with a high/low mix-up.

Floe wouldn't be able to command grab me if I pushed block accordingly. He also wouldn't be able to do a high/low mix-up if I held up-back combined with push-blocking. If I push-blocked properly and held up-back during my push-blocks, I would have burnt his X-Factor and it would have been a fair fight.

My next fight was against Clockwork. But that will be in the next post! :)


P.S. Sometimes blocking is the answer. If you don't block, you won't learn and it will eventually take you longer to adapt to your opponent's next moves.

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