Tuesday, July 31, 2012

NCR Final ft. PR Rog

NCR Day 1 was coming to a close. I lost to Clockwork in attempts to making it to Day 2. His Doom/Ammy combination was something I couldn't keep up with (and this is before he abused the team hyper combination with Doom/Ammy). I didn't make it out of my pools in KOF XIII or SFxT.

Day 2 was pretty eye opening for me. I had to play PR Balrog in winners. I decided NOT to study any of his matches the day before and it definitely cost me.

Here is the match against PR Balrog and I (courtesy of youtube.com/ShoryukenTube). The match started out okay, but went downhill from there.

My spacing was off, my fireballs weren't strong, and my footsies and teching weren't on point. PR Balrog seemed very strong in the match-up. I didn't even give him a challenge. I lost 0-2.

After the match, I asked PR Balrog what I needed to do better. I didn't even bother asking him what I did well since I felt I did nothing well. He responded by saying, "You need to throw fireballs at Balrog's far fierce range the way John [Choi] does. You also didn't throw ex fireballs [to control the ground game]."

Now for those of you who don't completely understand what he means I have a video available courtesy of ShoryukenTube.

John Choi managed to properly space, fireball, and fundamentally play the match-up far better than I had against PR Balrog. Take note the differences in spacing, timing, and overall placements of all normals (low forward, sweep, ect.) and special moves (fireballs, ex fireballs, ect).

Had I studied the video mentioned above, the match-up against PR Balrog would have been different. I'm not saying I would have won, but it would have given me an idea of what I should be doing in the match-up (especially against PR Balrog himself).

My next match is against Air in losers. Leave your questions and comments below. :)


P.S. A quick note to end this post is about movement. Walking up and blocking against Balrog is very helpful. You defend, build meter from any blocked attacks Balrog throws at you, and stand your ground while improving your spacing and confidence against the player. Take that into consideration and you will be that much more of a threat. Also, don't forget to take some time to study your opponent(s). @_@


  1. "throw fireballs at Balrog's far fierce range" Ahhh. Good to see you back XSK!

  2. @Muttonhead - Haha thanks! I'm glad to be back! :)